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Avas Reformed Church – Historic Monument

Built in the Gothic style, the Avas Reformed Church is a monument of historic values and one of the oldest buildings downtown. With its signature Bell Tower, it is a very well known symbol of Miskolc at the foot of the Avas Hill. It is clearly visible from Elizabeth Square. The neighboring Avas Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the city.

The construction of the church began in the 13th century in Romanesque style. In the 15th century, its central hall was redone in the late Gothic Style. In 1544 it was burnt down by the Turks and was left without a roof for two decades which also led to the loss of most of its frescos. The next reconstruction started in the 16th century. During the 18th century, the former vaulted ceilings were replaced by flat wooden ceilings. The church features unique lattice windows from the 13th century in addition to two Gothic style rose windows which stand out from the rest. The interior is decorated with an inlaid stallum, probably originated from the Diósgyőr Castle.

Classical music concerts are often held in the church. The original organ was built by József Angster in 1895 and was modernized in 1971; however, this organ deteriorated over time and a new one was built in 2008 thanks to the initiation of musician Gábor Lehotka.

The Bell Tower was first built separately from the church in 1557. Ever since 1941, the church bells sound off every 15 minutes, playing the full song every hour, sounding off a beautiful tubular bell tune.

Visitation by appointment only.

Please call (+36) 46/358-677 for an appointment.

Opening hours

Wednesdays and Fridays:  10 a.m. – 3 p.m

After hours must be arranged in advance at (+36) 20/364 29 41 or (+36) 30/304 46 50

Ticket Prices:

Adult:  Guided tour 700 HUF

Self-guided tour 500 HUF

Child:  300 HUF