City Government
Local Government


The following Standing Committees have been set up by the General Assembly for specific local government functions:

Judicial and Regulatory Committee 13 members
Finance Committee 13 members
Purchasing and Operations Committee 13 members
Public Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports Committee 13 members
Health and Social Services Committee 13 members
Law Enforcement Committee 11 members

The Assembly may set up a temporary ad hoc committee to perform specific functions in accordance with the rules governing the election of the Standing Committees of the Assmbly.

The Standing Committees take their decisions in the form of motions and resolutions. Decisions of the Standing Committees shall be based on written submissions, the content and format of which shall be the same as those required for submissions to the General Assembly.

Minutes of the meetings of the committees shall be drawn up, stating the place and time of the meetings, the list of those present, the agendas discussed, the nature of the deliberations and the decisions made.