Coronavirus information

Coronavirus information

The following national and local decisions have been made regarding the control of the corona virus:

  • a ban on visiting all institutions offering in-patient care and residential institutions providing social services throughout Hungary,
  • from Monday, March 16, a "Digital Out of Classroom Schedule" will be applicable, students will not be allowed to attend educational institutions, that is, they will not be able to enter the schools,
  • closure of Hungary's borders to passenger traffic, in the future only Hungarian citizens will be allowed to enter Hungary,
  • ban on holding events, closure of nightclubs, cinemas, ban on visiting cultural institutions,
  • restaurants, cafes and shops can only be open until 3pm, except for grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies,
  • extraordinary break in municipal-run kindergartens and day nurseries starting on March 16, 2020, they will perform duties until March 20, 2020, and from March 23, 2020, only designated kindergartens and day nurseries will accept children whose care cannot be solved elsewhere,
  • closure of church and private kindergartens and day nurseries, however, these institutions will organize duty themselves,
  • taking care of children at home should not be left to the elderly or grandparents as they are the most vulnerable age group,
  • front offices at the local government are closed for an indefinite period, furthermore, client service at Miskolc Holding Plc., Property Management Directorate, MIHŐ Public Heating Ltd., MVK Public Transport Plc. and Városgazda City Maintenance Not-for-profit Ltd. will only be accessible through phone or e-mails.
  • In the case of registry matters for which the personal appearance of our clients is essential, they are kindly asked to contact the front offices at the City Hall, entrance from 8 City Hall Square.
  • from March 16, 2020, day care services for the elderly (senior club) will be temporarily suspended, they are kindly asked to pick up their lunch and have it at home,
  • there is a Court vacation imposed on the Miskolc General Court,
  • disinfection of the buses operated by MVK Public Transport Plc. is continuous, passengers can board the buses at all doors,
  • community and/or cultural institutions maintained by the municipality  have been closed: Diósgyőr Castle, Zsarnai Market, Wildlife Park, Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, Miskolctapolca Swimming Pools and Selyemrét Swimming Pools, Kemény Dénes Sports Swimming Pool, the central building of the II Rákóczi Ferenc County and City Library and all its branch libraries, the Herman Otto Museum, the National Theatre, the Puppet Theatre and the House of Arts.

In public parks and playgrounds, the rules have to be respected too, preferably children should not play in groups bigger than 5 persons, they should be at least 1-2 meters far from each other and their hands should be disinfected after sliding and climbing.

In the case of block of flats, increased disinfection is recommended and residents should be treated responsibly when there is a risk of infection.
Those who have been officially obliged for home detentions - that is, who have been placed in an epidemic quarantine - call the following free telephone number: 06-80-460-046.

Currently, several citizens are under epidemiological surveillance in Miskolc, and there are persons who have volunteered quarantine in accordance with their compliance with the law, but we are not aware of any infected persons in the city.

Please pay close attention to each other, respect the rules of hygiene, protect the elderly, cooperate and help our fellow citizens.