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Church of the Virgin Mary (Assumption of the Virgin) – Minorite Parish Church

One of the most prestigous churches is the Baroque style Minorite Parish Church. The building is a landmark located on Heroes’ Square. It stands between two buildings; the Minorite Monastery on its left and the Ferenc Földes High School on its right.

The building’s foundation was laid in 1729 and construction was finished in 1743 thanks to the generosity of the Almássy and Fáy dynasties. The roof of the monastery was burnt down in a fire on July 19, 1843. The blazing fire also melted the church bell, and damaged the vaulted ceilings. By 1845, reconstruction of the towers was completed, including fortification of the vaulted ceilings, roof, and facade.

Work on the main altar in its current state was completed in August of 1819 which is related to the Great Church in Papa. The current altarpiece is a copy of the original masterpiece by Alajos Sajósy in 1867 showing the Assumption of the Virgin (Titian). An interesting fact is that the altar of St. Francis in the second row is an original to the church; it was finished in 1744. The pulpit was created in 1758 by Augustine Piringer, a carpenter of the order and a sculptor from Eger. The magnificent benches were made by József Stöcherle, carpenter of the Minorite Priory of Eperjes (Prešov) during 1754-1766.

The vaults of the temple were unadorned for almost two hundred years. Neo-Baroque-style compositions and decorative paintings were made in 1928 by Dezső Raksányi and József Korény. The bronze gate of the church is the work of Béla Tóth.

Doric, Ionic columns and lysines surround the facade of the two-tower church. Its main entrance is decorated with symbolic reliefs. The statue niches feature Saint Clara of Assisi and Saint Elizabeth. The upstairs window similarly features two niches of saints on each side; those of Saint Francis of Assisi and of Saint Anthony of Padua. In the high center of the vault is a gilded metal sun motif, as well as the niche sculpture of Immaculata.

There is also a tomb, a memorial plaque and a portrait relief of Didák Kelemen, a minority monk; the builder of the church.

The Minorite Church is open for worship.

The church is currently under renovation and not open to the public during this time.

Church services are regularly broadcasted live at the their website at: