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Rock Chapel of Jesus’ Heart – Miskolctapolca

The Rock Chapel of Jesus' Heart in Miskolctapolca is a unique and relatively newly built heritage on Brasov Street. It was created with special interlocking cave grooves. The arched main nave of the chapel reaches 25 meters.

The sacred cave structure was built in 1934 and consecrated in 1935. The altarpiece is the relic of the Martyrs of Kassa (Kosice). During the 1995 renovation, a Transsylvania gate was built in memory of Pater Szabó Pius who inspired the construction of the church.

The plans for the rock chapel were made by László Menner, an architect from Miskolc. The main entrance was inserted into a retaining wall, 9 meters high by 18 meters wide. The spectacular star vault is the work of the sculptor József Kun, and the painter Dezső Meilinger.

The statues in the church are the works of János Máriahegyi, a sculptor from Budapest. The church bells come from László Szlezák's bell-making workshop in Budapest. The ornate gate is the work of Árpád Sveges locksmith.

The Rock Chapel can be visited by appointment. Please call the number below for an appointment.

Phone:(+ 36) 46/431-215