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Bartók Plus Opera Festival

The Bartók Plus Opera Festival was founded with the purpose of putting the Miskolc region on the world map of international music. Founded in 2000, it was known as ”Bartók + Miskolc International Opera Festival” until 2012.

Within a few years, Miskolc became Central Europe’s opera epicenter. The event is considered the most significant Bartók Festival, and it also enjoys the support of the Bartók heirs.

From its inception, the festival has been featuring world-renowned Hungarian artists and international opera stars, as well as nearly all major opera companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Bartók Plus Opera Festival is tasked with the special mission of nurturing Béla Bartók's legacy. Hence Bartók pieces are an integral part of the festival program.

In addition to the big stage of the Miskolc National Theater, the festival offers free music and opera-related performances spread throughout the city's largest squares and downtown pedestrian precinct complete with a fair and various exciting attractions.