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Diósgyőr Castle - Miskolc

Situated at the foot of the Bükk Mountains in the Diósgyőr district of Miskolc, Diósgyőr Castle ranks among the most prestigious monuments in Hungary. The first castle was built here at the time of the Hungarian conquest, probably an earthwork and timber castle, which was later destroyed by the Tartars. Palatine István, the son of Palatine Ernye, built the first stone castle which is considered the current castle’s predeccessor.

The castle’s golden age dates back to the 14th century during the reign of King Louis the Great. During his reign, the castle played a major historical role. It was here that the Peace of Turin, which ended the Venice wars, was concluded in 1381. From 1381 until 1526, the castle has been traded hands and through the centuries, it has been gifted to six different queens as a wedding gift; hence the nickname, Queens’ Castle.

What special about this castle is that one can freely roam its grounds trying out different things and experience the atmosphere of the medieval times. In addition to the interactive content, tour guides wearing contemporary medieval outfits, as well as the grounds displaying medieval everyday life contribute to this atmosphere. The Knight's Hall is the largest in Central Europe. It is often a venue for major events and concerts.

Two of the main events of the Diósgyőr Castle are the Medieval Festival in July (Középkori forgatag), as well as the Miskolc Folk Festival (Borsodi Fonó) with a longstanding tradition.


Opening hours

Closed due to reconstruction work.