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Miskolc Art Gallery – Rákóczi House

Miskolc’s very first two-story building, the Rákóczi House is now home to the Miskolc Art Gallery. The mansion was built in the Baroque style. The building is the center of the art gallery which hosts a number of interesting exhibits displaying the works of contemporary artists, as well as permanent home to the exhibition of the works of Béla Kondor.

Since 1996, the exhibit halls have been the venue of several prestigious events such as the National Graphic Biennial or the Winter Exhibition.

The gallery is named after Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II as he frequented the mansion quite often. Previously, it was known as the Dőry Mansion.


Phone: (+36) 46/500-680

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday : 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Monday: CLOSED