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Pannonian Sea Museum

The Pannonian Sea Museum is the largest natural history museum in the region. It also serves as an exhibition hall and repository for the Geographic and Natural History of the Otto Herman Museum of Miskolc.

It hosts two permanent exhibits; ”Pathway through Ancient Forests – The Age of  the Wetland Cypress Forest in Bükkábrány” and the ”Carpathian Minerals.”

The Pathway through Ancient Forests focuses on the at least 7-million-year-old Bükkábrány wetland forest with its non-petrified cypress trees, which is one of the oldest in the world.

The palaeontological treasures of the Rudabánya Palaeological Site are also on display, along with the remains of the 10 million-year-old Rudapithecus hungaricus anapithecus, nicknamed Rudi.

The ”Carpathian Minerals” permanent exhibition is a mineral and rock showcase consisting of 19,000 items with a complete mineralogical representation of the Carpathian Basin.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Monday: CLOSED 

Phone: (+36) 46/560-170 / 102