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Telecommunication Warehouse & Show – Tele-House

The Telecommunication Warehouse and Show opened in 2007 shocasing the history of telecommuncation. It is located in the building of the former Avas Telecommunication Center and serves as a telecommunication museum. The Tele-House introduces visitors to the history of the telephone by presenting many telecommunication historical artifacts and equipment previously stored in warehouses.

Many of the old equipments, Morse telegraphs, wooden box wall and desktop phones, handheld and automatic phones, are still in working condition.

In the lecture hall, with a maximum capacity of 30 people, group sessions can be held. DVDs and VHS films are shown about the history of telecommunication.

Detailed information about the exhibits can be found on the touch-screen Informations desk, which offers quiz-like questions to help expand your knowledge.

Opening hours

The exhibit is open by appointment only: + 36 30 814 0346       

Also available by appointment.

Address: 3529 Miskolc Avas, Szentgyörgy street 23.

Phone: (+36) 46/435-679, (+36) 30/359-3539