Life in the city

Theater Museum – Actors and Performing Arts

Built in 1823 on the site where the city’s first theater once stood, the museum was opened in the fall of 1996 by a collabarative effort of the Otto Herman Museum and the Miskolc Art Gallery. The museum showcases two centuries of theatrical history in Miskolc and Hungary.

The articles on display give us a glimpse into the beginnings of theatrical performance in Miskolc, as well as the operation and modernization of the second stone theater in 1857.

The largest portion of the exhibition focuses on the theater's latest half a century arranged in a larger hall evoking a real stage atmosphere. You can also feel what it is like to stand on where "All the world’s a stage".

The displayed objects and art drawings are arranged in the hall in a way to suggest the feeling of being backstage, behind the scenes. You can try on costumes, and also see a real light organ.

The museum also offers temporary exhibits related to the performing arts.

Field trips are also available upon request.