Urban initiative for innovative and integrated social services, employment development in Miskolc - 4IM project

  • The call for proposals was launched by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.
  • Subject of the application: Creating and testing integrated interventions to support the most vulnerable
  • Period of implementation: 30 months (November 2021 - June 2024)
  • Consortium partners: Košice Municipality, Hárfa Foundation, Abaújrakezdés Association, University of Miskolc, Miskolc Municipality, AEIDL (Brussels); Associate members: Dr Ámbédkar School, Dialóg Association

Project objective:

  • Introducing a new, experimental social model
  • Developing integrated interventions and institutional structures
  • Developing innovative partnerships between relevant public, municipal, civil and private sector organisations

What is Miskolc doing in the project?

  • The development and piloting of a coordinated social experimentation model based on partnership;
  • The establishment of a Social Innovation Resource Centre, which works in cooperation with various partner departments (Coordination, Social Affairs, Press, Communication and City Marketing);
  • The establishment and operation of local access points, which are physical facilities in the two project areas (Bábonyibérc and Tetemvár). 


  • The analyses for the development of a new service model are carried out by the University of Miskolc, the Municipality and the Abaújrakezdés Association and coordinated by the Social Innovation Standing Working Group.
  • The operational work is carried out by the Social Innovation Resource Centre (3 people), which is responsible for managing an integrated pilot scheme to support the poorest households. The salaries of the pilot unit are financed on one side by the municipality through a grant from European Commission and on the other side by the Abaújrakezdés Public Benefit Association.
  • The introduction of the pilot model in Tetemvár and Bábonyibérc is the task of the local access points.
  • Miskolc will share its experience with its partner city of Košice and will be involved in European urban cooperation networks implementing similar projects aimed at social inclusion (8 successful applications on similar topics, from countries such as Germany, Italy, France and Slovakia).

Results after 30 months:

  • Miskolc will have a more efficient and integrated city-wide social and employment service model, consciously developed and pilot-tested;
  • An adaptable, scalable model for other segregated areas;
  • Miskolc will be integrated into European knowledge-sharing networks, be better known, and able to find partners to move forward;
  • Better access to services for people living in segregated areas; reduced segregation, improved social mobility;
  • After the project, if the pilot model proves to work in Miskolc, the Resource Centre will perform its task in the long term, with access points being extended to other deprived neighbourhoods.



  • 3525 Miskolc, Városház tér 8.
  • phone: 00 36 46512865
  • on working days: between 8 am and 4 pm
  • e-mail:info@4im.hu