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Magic Mill Puppet Theater

The Magic Mill Puppet Theater is a children’s puppet theater operated by the city of Miskolc. The amateur group started in 1986, but soon graduated to the professional theatre level in 1992.

Since the beginning several decades ago, the puppet theater’s repertoir has consisted of Hungarian folk tales, contemporary Hungarian and foreign plays, working with the guidance of the most talented directors and designers/puppeteers in the puppetry show business. The Magic Mill Puppet Show performs mostly in and around Miskolc, but the show also often gets invited to the capital and other counties.

The show puts up around 300 shows each year enjoyed by around 35,000 spectators. In addition to seasonal premieres, they perform the greatest hits, as well as remakes from previous years’ shows. They understand the value of preserving traditions, as well as keeping up with contemporary techniques and innovations.

On weekdays, they offer performances for preschoolers and school-age children, for whom they offer flexible season tickets (educators can pick three performances per year), and the weekends are dedicated for families.

The performing auditorium is named after Gábor Tulipán honoring the late colleague and director. The first Saturday each month, the Gábor Tulipán Auditorium welcomes preschoolers with a special performance. The theater also offers several children’s programs, including arts and crafts and puppet making. Visiting puppeteers are also welcome here.


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