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Miskolc National Theater

The Miskolc National Theater is the city’s oldest performing art institution that has become one of the most modern art complexes in Central Europe with its five different stages (Main Stage, Chamber Theater, Studio Theater, Summer Theater & Theater Hall). The theater offers a wide range of performances attracting a great number of audiences.

Five Stages

Even among European Theaters, it is rare to have the luxury of five different stages, side by side, within the same Theatrical Company; which poses a great challenge. The goal is to select the right stage that best suits each performance by taking advantage of the different features the stage has to offer.

Grand Stage/Main Theater

The Main Theater is the classical grand stage within the art complex with the highest audience capacity. Naturally, the biggest performances take place here; large operas, operettas, musicals, classical dramas. These are technically the most demanding, but they are also attracting the largest audiences.

Chamber Theater

The Chamber Theater has a traditional stage-audience relationship acting as a kind of art theater. It also features children's plays; a new fairy tale is produced every season.

Auditorium/Theater Hall

A unique feature of the Auditorium is the ability to change the stage-audience relationship making it an ideal stage for experimental performances for audiences who are more susceptible to the extreme, more modern forms of performing arts. It is also home to the Miskolc Ballet with monthly performances, as well as the Dixie Music Club featuring the Miskolc Dixieland Band on a regular basis. The Auditorium also serves as a kind of Teaching Theater (Beavató Színház) for the younger generations.

Studio Theater

The Studio Theater is a great place for the more intimate pieces for a very small audience. It also provides a space for dance performances and experimental theater productions. For many years, it has been hosting the show ”An Hour of Poetry,” as well as ”Outside the Box,” a popular but difficult performance of improvization.

Summer Theater

The outdoor Summer Theater is a great venue for pleasant summer nights offering great performances (open every year in the first part of July). It also hosts the Bartok Plus Opera Festival’s outdoor performances.

Miskolc Ballet

Founded in 2013, the Miskolc Ballet has produced a number of successful productions, among them sociographic performances, contemporary dance, fairy tales and teaching performances. The company performs three pieces each year. The dancers also perform on stage in musical pieces.

Festival Without Borders

Launched in 2013 by the Miskolc National Theater, the Festival Without Borders plays a vital role in maintaining and reinforcing the relationship between Hungarian theaters at home, as well as abroad. The festival’s goal is to organize an event in Miskolc that involves all branches of art, not just limited to performing art alone, with a goal to create a bridge which connects theaters, cities, and Hungarians ”without borders.”

Horizon International Contemporary Dance Festival

The first Horizon International Contemporary Dance Festival was organized by the Miskolc National Theater in 2017 with the intent of making it into a tradition. Dance is a common language around the world, while modern motion art is the most exciting type of contemporary dance. The Miskolc Ballet invited famous foreign and domestic ensembles to the festival, whose high-quality productions proved to the audience that contemporary dance is not an abstract, elusive thing, but a fun, interesting and understandable theater experience.


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